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The level of care I received for Dr. Manning and staff was exemplary. I had no idea the planet was so bright and beautiful. I had forgotten. I opted for the multi focal lens replacement, and no more glasses for me. Simply amazing. Thanks Gulfcoast Eye Care!!*
-George P

Exceptionally pleased with the professionalism, medical expertise, and the care and concern which Drs. Manning and Liffland and their administrative staff give to their patients. Also special thanks to all the help and care which Ms. Shay McBride provided in scheduling and handling the required paperwork for me.*
-James A

I already referred a friend to Dr. Manning, found the Doctor and entire staff to be very courteous and pleasant and have asked that all my records be transferred to his practice for my future eye care…Very impressed with the entire visit. Thank you.*
-Bonnie S

Excellent and caring professional medical practice all the way.*
-Charles S

Went to renew my drivers license. Failed the eye test. Was referred to Dr. Manning for corrective eye glasses. After a thorough examination he determined that glasses would not resolve the problem. Cataract surgery was necessary. After the initial reaction of “Oh no! Surgery!” and the accompanying feelings of anxiety and squeamish anticipation, he scheduled the procedure. His staff was professional and accommodating in every way. Surgery Center – Pre-op preparation takes about one hour. Wheeled into operation room- procedure takes less than 10 minutes. No pain- no after effects. Out 15 minutes later. Lots of eye drops. Two weeks later, same procedure for other eye. Same results. Follow up shows vision at 20/20. License Renewed.*

I would like to thank you for the cataract surgery you performed. You and your team explained the surgery to me in such a manner that it relieved my fears of someone coming at my eyes with something sharp. Honestly I was such a coward that I didn’t really want to go thru with the surgery. You explained that the surgery would be all but painless and that I wouldn’t experience any discomfort, but I was still scared, you were right I didn’t experience any pain nor discomfort at all. I am so glad that I had my right eye operated on, now I have 20- 20 vision. I was all but legally blind without my glasses. I can see the world in a whole new light without the use of glasses, can’t wait to have the left eye done. I am forever grateful to you for restoring my eyesight.*

I had my cataract surgery done by Dr. Manning. Since I am a bowler and bike rider, I went from Tri-Focals to only having reading glasses. For me, it’s nothing short of a miracle. One week after surgery, I bowled a 175 without my glasses! Dr. Manning’s staff is wonderful – both Megan’s are superb and Gary is tops. They are kind and very professional. I would highly recommend them to you!*

Through cataract surgery Michael gave me the ability to see without glasses for the first time in over 54 years!!!! My eyesight is critical to me as a cosmetic and implant reconstruction dentist, and I trusted Michael with my surgery. He was able to communicate what he was doing during surgery, and that gave me great “peace-of-mind.” I recommend him highly.*
-Dr. George Burgess

I can’t believe what a difference the cataract surgery has made. I can watch TV and movies without my glasses. I might have X-ray eyes!! Wish I had had this done before. Thanks again!*

My recent experience having cataract surgery on both eyes is rewarding in all ways. The experience was smooth and absolutely pain free. I never felt a thing. The surgery center was well staffed and concerned with my comfort. In under two hours I walked out with better vision than I ever expected. I would and have, recommended Dr. Manning to anyone I know. I am grateful for my new vision and am enjoying things I see clearer.*

I was starting to have trouble seeing clearly and it became apparent that I had cataracts in both eyes. The pros and cons of multifocal and monofocal lenses was explained to me in depth. I was most interested in the multifocal lens as I have worn glasses since I was eight and thought what a great thing to not wear them after all these years. I was able to talk to a patient of Dr. Mannings who had already had the multifocal lens and get her thoughts. My main concern was the “starburts” effect I had heard about repeatedly when researching on the internet and also whether I would truly be without glasses. With all of my research and soul searching I opted for the multifocal lens and scheduled the surgeries.

I cannot believe how well I see. I wake up in the morning and can see across the room. I can get out of an air conditioned car in the heat and not have glasses that fog up. I can be in the rain and not have obscured vision. It took me several weeks to quit trying to put my glasses on in the morning or take them off at night.

Am I happy? Yes! Would I do it again? Yes! Do I wish I had the eyes I had when I was six and could see like an eagle with out glasses? Absolutely! The six year old eyes could accommodate anything, the implants are fantastic but they are not perfect. However, they are much, much better than the vision I had prior to the surgery and for that I am extremely grateful.*
-Rebecca, Tecnis Multifocal Lens (Both Eyes)

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