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Corneal Inlays for Presbyopia Correction

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Treating Presbyopia

Once you reach a certain age, it is extremely common to begin having difficulty seeing objects at a close range as clearly as before. This is typically because of presbyopia, a condition that often develops in people who are 40 years of age and older. Presbyopia often requires patients to wear reading glasses or bifocals to help them with their near vision; however, presbyopia correction options, such as corneal inlays and refractive lens exchange, exist to help many individuals reduce their reliance on corrective eyewear and achieve better focus on objects at close distances. Our eye doctors offer innovative solutions here at Gulfcoast Eye Care.

What are the benefits of Corneal Inlays?

Corneal Inlays offer a number of distinct advantages for patients with presbyopia who simply want to regain their ability to clearly see objects at a near distance. Benefits of this treatment include:

  • Reduction – or possibly even elimination – of dependence on reading glasses to focus on near objects
  • Improvement of near and intermediate vision without affecting distance vision
  • The procedure may be reversible for patients who may want the implant removed at a later date (this is rare)

Ideal candidates for this treatment are also those who do not need glasses or contacts to clearly see objects at far distances, but rely on reading glasses for up-close vision.


What can I expect during the treatment process?

An inlay is a very small surgical implant that is placed inside the cornea of the non-dominant eye. A laser may be used to precisely create a tiny pocket in the eye’s cornea that will hold a corneal inlay. Once it has been placed, a corneal inlay is designed to strengthen the eye’s ability to focus light and helping to improve vision at near and intermediate distances.

Corneal inlays have revolutionized the treatment of presbyopia, a common eye condition experienced by millions of people across the globe, and we are very happy to bring this treatment to our community. If you would like more information, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact Gulfcoast Eye Care today.

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