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We are pleased to provide a full spectrum of vision care services to our communities. From advanced LASIK vision correction and cataract surgery to our standout eye exams and glasses, we can ensure that you’ll receive treatment and eyewear that fits your unique eyes, vision, and lifestyle. Let our experienced ophthalmologists and optometrists give you the individualized attention and industry-leading experience you deserve!

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Our eye doctors and staff have been providing expert care with a personal touch to the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg areas for over 40 years. We’re dedicated to helping patients and their families overcome eye conditions and significantly improve their vision. We can’t wait to get to know you — and you can start getting to know us below:



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Glaucoma & Retinal Conditions

Glaucoma and Retinal Conditions



This common eye condition can cause irreversible vision loss if left untreated, and often begins to damage vision before it has noticeable symptoms. Our glaucoma specialists can diagnose the issue early and offer a variety of non-surgical treatment options, as well as glaucoma surgeries.

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Glaucoma and Retinal Conditions



Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) can cause severe vision loss for patients over 60. Our eye doctors can diagnose and evaluate macular degeneration early in its progression in order to develop a personalized treatment plan.

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Glaucoma and Retinal Conditions



Patients with diabetes are at risk for particular types of vision damage, such as non-proliferative or proliferative diabetic retinopathy. The specialists at Gulfcoast Eye Care can diagnose and help manage diabetic eye diseases.

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Patient Reviews

Reviews and Ratings from Real Patients

The staff was friendly and everyone answered all my questions and concerns.
Annie BrittonAnnie Britton
23:24 26 Apr 24
I have received high quality care from Dr Manning, Dr Liffland, and the entire Staff. Highly recommend!
Mark KanuckMark Kanuck
15:05 16 Apr 24
Had blepharoplastic surgery on eyelids by Dr. Chelsey Knapper. Superb treatment and surgery top to bottom. Her assistants are also amazing, I’ve had other ophthalmologists say how good the surgery was. Thank you Dr. Knapper!!!!! ;-)
Sarah SossongSarah Sossong
14:43 12 Apr 24
Staff esp Victor quite solicitous. Dr. Liffland took all the to one needed!😁
Lynn FLynn F
23:38 09 Apr 24
I have had some serious bad eye lid problems for 9 months..I had another ophthalmic doctor with my insurance last year., I was totally disrespected and not treated as should have been. I am a new patient to Gulf Coast.Eye. and so thankful! I check on reviews when my experience is horrible or wonderful. I chose GEC.. I called today about continuing styes affecting my eyesight and my days and my day to day life! I made a call and I was called back within an hour, and was so thankful for the time and care that was offered me.. I have a cataract sx coming up, and have faith I will be cared for with care and concern! Thanks again to those who went above and beyond my persistent styes.
Walt ZacchignaWalt Zacchigna
16:04 28 Mar 24
I recently had Refractive Lens Replacement.In the initial consult, Dr Manning was very patient and responsinve to the numerous questions I had. Prior to the surgery, I had minor cataracts and difficulty seeing up close.On the day of the surgery, the staff did a really good job in preparing me for the lens replacement and helped to calm my nerves. The actual procedure was very quick and Dr. Manning did a great job.The result of the surgery is that my eye sight is now 20/20 and I'm able to see without reading glasses.I would highly recommend Dr Manning and his staff. They were really great!!
Clarence InglesClarence Ingles
23:10 26 Feb 24
The people here are professional and helpful. This is my eye doctor. Very well satisfied. Everone should have doctors like this.
Nancy CacciatoreNancy Cacciatore
18:35 26 Feb 24
Doctor and staff professionals that care.
Chris NocerinoChris Nocerino
21:18 19 Feb 24
Very good staff and doctors
Melanie MicaleMelanie Micale
18:45 09 Feb 24
Pleasant experience, professional and friendly staff. I highly recommend them
Chuck TagliarinoChuck Tagliarino
18:44 09 Feb 24
Dr and tech were very knowledgeable and did a wonderful job with my vision!
michelle Dmichelle D
13:12 23 Jan 24
Dr.Manning did a procedure on my eye yesterday. My fear was through the roof. I didn’t understand it was procedure day and out of fear was yappin my face off talking about other eye stuff and he patiently waited for me to stop waved his nurse over knowing I was filled with fear. She rubbed my back and he talked me through it. What a nice guy and it’s official I’m a big freaking baby. The procedure took two seconds and didn’t hurt. What a great staff and doctor. Thank you Doc and everyone at that office who smiles and says hello.
18:11 21 Jan 24
I am satisfied with their professional and quick service
Roland MoulinRoland Moulin
23:36 18 Jan 24
Very professional staffGreat early appointment
Sherry CanterburySherry Canterbury
14:21 17 Jan 24
I could not be happier. I made a decision to get an upgrade lens -because I was born with bad vision. It’s a life changer to wake up and see. I’m so very happy I trusted my eyes to Gulf Coast Eyes and Dr Manning and his entire staff. I thank you all.SincerelySheryl Canterbury
David LyonsDavid Lyons
13:01 10 Jan 24
ALL of the staff members are GREAT. They all are polite and very well in their dutiesALL are dressed like professionals. Let me know what to expect at each stage.They got me ready for the doctor and everyone introduced themselves each time I moved to another room.I definitely would recommend GULF COAST EYE CENTER TO EVERYONE.Thank you,David Lyons
Danielle MarangielloDanielle Marangiello
21:58 06 Jan 24
I had regular Lasik done, and it was totally worth every penny and more if it had cost more. I was in hard lense contacts for 20+ years (nearsightedness -700ish and astigmatisms in both eyes) . The doctor and employees were awesome! 100% would do it again if needed. It's like a miracle of healing from heaven, including no longer having to deal with contact frustration, Praise the Lord!
Brendan TaylorBrendan Taylor
19:28 03 Jan 24
I had a very positive experience with the Gulfcoast Eye Care team. I had ICL to correct high grade nearsightedness. Everything went very smoothly and the staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Miranda the surgery counselor was excellent/friendly with scheduling, Joy did a great job making me feel comfortable on op-day, and Dr. Manning’s skill, professionalism, and thoughts were greatly valued throughout the process. I don’t normally do Google reviews but the Gulfcoast team deserves all positive feedback and recommendation I can give. The restoration of my sight has been a tremendous gift-thank you!!
John BrownJohn Brown
12:01 07 Dec 23
Everyone was professional and friendly!
Edward GrabowskiEdward Grabowski
20:34 01 Dec 23
Friendly staff very efficent
Vaughn HaightVaughn Haight
20:24 01 Dec 23
Professional and friendly
Jeff JacobsJeff Jacobs
20:24 01 Dec 23
Always fast and friendly!
Diane ManleyDiane Manley
19:55 01 Dec 23
From the time I walked through the doors, and until I left everyone, there was very friendly, very informative and professional.
19:51 01 Dec 23
Excellent and caring people
Paula DwertmanPaula Dwertman
15:06 24 Nov 23
Professional, caring, excellent practice for my eyes.
Zeenath BharwaniZeenath Bharwani
16:03 11 Nov 23
The stàff was good and treated friendly awesome staff
Chad SchillingChad Schilling
14:58 10 Nov 23
Be very careful using Gulfcoast Eye Care. As a money grab they are filling eye care visits under general health care insurance claims instead of under vision insurance. My guess is they can claim more money from insurance with this method.Reply to the below response:Thank you for keeping my privacy in your response, but you are incorrect in your statement below. My wife scheduled a routine eye exam as it is stated on the bill. Just because she has healthy eyes and did not need a refraction, I was told by your staff this would be billed as a medical visit, instead of a routine annual eye exam that she was there for. I have already spoken with your very rude office manager about the subject. This is a very shady business practice that people should be aware.
Brenda CrispBrenda Crisp
20:11 09 Nov 23
Friendly and thorough exam!
Patricia DonohuePatricia Donohue
03:01 08 Nov 23
It is always both professional and personal .You are efficient, effective and caring!
Linda ValentineLinda Valentine
20:23 06 Nov 23
I recently switched eye doctors to see Dr Liffland. Very impressive office, which was extremely clean and organized. The staff was friendly and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Liffland was very sweet, professional, answered my questions and didn't make me feel rushed. This is my new eye doctor now, for sure!
Diana JaksDiana Jaks
20:11 06 Nov 23
Great experience.
Irene JacobIrene Jacob
22:43 30 Oct 23
Very friendly staff! They made my visits so easy and pleasant. Wonderful caring doctors that my procedure go so smooth and painless. Love not wearing glasses!
Michael JMichael J
12:41 16 Oct 23
I have been to Optometrists in Illinois, California, Louisiana and Florida. Dr Liffland, by far, gives the most thorough examinations I ever experienced.This is important to me because I have Type II diabetes. Necessary follow up exams are discussed and scheduled based on facts, needs and budgets.
Tommy SteeleTommy Steele
17:41 12 Oct 23
Fast efficient examinations
Kelly Small-MichalasKelly Small-Michalas
21:42 11 Oct 23
Dr. Liffland is very personable and makes you feel very comfortable. I’ve been seeing her for over 2 years now for an on going eye infection. K highly recommend her.
Larry McGuireLarry McGuire
21:22 28 Sep 23
My wife went here and had to pay extra $45 to get copy of her prescription. Never had this happen anywhere else. Seems like holding information hostage you've already paid for.
william hackettwilliam hackett
19:07 27 Sep 23
Cannot say enough good things about the entire Palm Harbor office. Drs. Manning and Liffland are wonderful and every staff member from check-in to scheduling and technical assistants are some of the very best I’ve ever encountered.
Cuneyt YilmazCuneyt Yilmaz
17:49 27 Sep 23
Top notch doctor, and a very supportive staff. Very happy with the results.
Barry SadaphalBarry Sadaphal
17:47 27 Sep 23
Doctor liffiand took the time to explain everything to me, she is the greatest
Karen AprilKaren April
13:23 25 Sep 23
Angelo RescinitiAngelo Resciniti
00:19 25 Sep 23
Great people, great facility...did I say great people?
Alice ScullAlice Scull
23:15 21 Sep 23
Tom PojetaTom Pojeta
14:26 21 Sep 23
Had a really great experience at my last visit. Victor was excellent in his explanation of the tests and was a real pleasure to work with. I have had eyesight issues my entire life and he made my visit easy.
Traci VescoviTraci Vescovi
00:41 12 Sep 23
Ramon AguilarRamon Aguilar
21:13 11 Sep 23
This is the place to bring your eyes to. Everything that your eyes need is here for you. Medical eye care or just a check up. Eye tools, like contacts or eye glasses. I will not go to mall eye glass stores because they have fancy frames. At Gulf Coast eye care, get this real expert Eye Doctors. You won’t go wrong.
Marty GladyszMarty Gladysz
21:13 11 Sep 23
Debbie KentDebbie Kent
21:02 11 Sep 23
Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful.
Judy HubbardJudy Hubbard
21:04 23 Aug 23
Everyone there is pleasant and helpful. Dr Liffland is the best..
Alex OlmoAlex Olmo
01:06 23 Aug 23
I 100% recommend Gulfcoast Eye Care - Palm Harbor. Staff is kind. They give me plenty of notice on appointments. While other places tried to push lasik or procedures that could have made matters worse for me. Plenty of testing was done here to be absolutely sure I was not a candidate of lasik but instead needed RLE surgery, which I have had zero issues thanks to Dr. Manning and staff, and wasn’t a bad experience in the slightest.
John AgostinelliJohn Agostinelli
14:21 09 Aug 23
Barbara NunnBarbara Nunn
19:33 25 Jul 23
Roberta DowgiertRoberta Dowgiert
13:05 25 Jul 23
Very good appointment. Victor did a great job with the eye dilation, the eye exam and refraction and explained the process very well from beginning to end. Dr Liffland explained my issue with dry eye as well as offered some good information as to how I can treat it at home as well as what the medical procedure is to care for dry eye due to blocked glands.All around, admin staff great to interact with. Very professional, knowledgeable and courteous.
scott chenevertscott chenevert
13:05 25 Jul 23
Very grateful for what you do for meMany Thanks
Joseph BarbaJoseph Barba
00:40 25 Jul 23
Staff all work with smile professional politePleasure gets eyes checked Dr's r great joe barba Dr LIFFLAND .CANT SAY ENOUGH SHES THE BEST TAKES TIME EXPLAINS EVERYTHING. ITS A PLEASURE GOING TO DRS .YEAAA JOE BARBA
BRENDA CrawfordBRENDA Crawford
21:57 24 Jul 23
Thank you Victor for making eye exam go quickly with humor. Dr. Liffland was efficient.Thank you to everyone in office.
Mandy WellsMandy Wells
15:02 07 Jul 23
ICL surgery by Dr.ManningI was a -7 I can’t remember ever having good sight even as a child at such a high script was not a candidate for LASIKThe procedure does use a scalpel instead of lasers healing is a little longer than LASIKSurgery is not painful the staff is very calming and caringConsult -day of consult you will meet Dr.manning his surgical staff will properly screen you for your procedureDay of surgery you pretty much go home and sleepSecond day you have a follow up eyes still very sensitive to light I was still able to make the hr drive to the officeI am now on my 3rd day the halos around lights are less I can just now see my phoneNo pain,no dry eye,just sensitivity to light due to dilation this effect should wear off any day nowThis surgery has given me my sightNo longer reliant on glasses and contactsI am so grateful for Dr.Manning and his assistantsDr.Manning does many procedures I urge you to go to him for proper screening for your procedure
Megan RobinsonMegan Robinson
14:42 28 Apr 23
Dr. Liffland is the best. I don’t say that lightly. I trust her completely, and am lucky to be her patient. She is straightforward, but kind. Very knowledgeable, but capable of explaining things in a way that can be easily understood. Beyond the doctor, I have been treated great by all other staff. Everyone is kind, approachable, and incredibly accommodating. I recommend this office to everyone I know.
Chriatine SChriatine S
03:40 20 Mar 23
Have been a happy patient of Dr Liflin for over 8 years now. My last visit was early February 2023 at which time a New contact brand was selected, even though i have used the same band for 20 years. As one could imagine there didn't work so I drove back to Eye Care Facility to obtain same set of contacts that I have been wearing since the 90's. Called 1 week later to state that new contacts are a match. I was told final prescription cannot be signed off on with out Dr. Liftlin who is on vacation for the next couples weeks. Further I have requested my contact prescription emailed to me once Dr. LIFTIN signs it and was told the email is not an option. Prescription much be picked up or can by mailed. This will be my 3rd trip to this facility. This is highly unusual activity for this doctor, have only had glowing things to say about her and her group. Unfortunately as of late I would not recommend any of my friends or family. Very disappointing.
Janice SiegelJanice Siegel
17:42 18 Feb 23
Dr Liffland is a brilliant, caring physician. She is responsible for saving my eyesight. Her ability with the collaboration of her well trained staff have kept my vision at its maximum accuracy. I will never see anyone else.Jan Siegel, RDH, MDH.
Colin PoveyColin Povey
11:39 28 Oct 22
Excellent eye physicians office. Fast, efficient care.Dr. Manning replaced the cataracts in both of my eyes, and my vision, at distance, is now 20/20, in short, perfect.
Barbara RunkleBarbara Runkle
18:18 26 Oct 22
Very good experience scheduling a quick initial appointment following an ER visit, wonderful staff in the Pinellas Park office - transferred my care to the Tampa Road office which I have now made my main vision provider; the staff there is equally friendly and attentive (unlike my previous vision provider in the East Lake area where the staff was quite stiff and unwelcoming, seemed annoyed that someone walked in the door, no weekend answering service in case of emergency - which was what happened to me). No long waits in the waiting room or being left in a room for an extended period of time as there seems to be plenty of staff to attend to each patient. Quite happy I ended up here!
Mike HochwaltMike Hochwalt
20:52 24 Oct 22
I like the personal attention Dr. BRENDA Liffland gives me when monitoring aftercare of cataract surgery and new lenses. It is so nice to have 20/20 vision like when I was a kid with no glasses to wear. Gulfcoast Eye Care treats their clients very well. On procedures and follow ups. DR. Michael Manning makes the procedures very easy. I OPTED FOR Vivity lenses and I am 100% happy that I did.Combined with their Alphaeon health credit card at 0% Apr if paying monthly allows you to see great again without problems.
Clara GarciaClara Garcia
18:08 07 May 24
Very good experience.
Paul BogardusPaul Bogardus
21:24 03 May 24
So professional, friendly and courteous. They have all the latest testing diagnostic equipment. I’d recommend them to anyone. My eye condition test results put me at ease of no serious issues. Thanks again
Kathleen TrimbleKathleen Trimble
19:53 03 May 24
Very happy with treatment 🙂
michael heckertmichael heckert
16:43 30 Apr 24
Amazing experience from start to finish! I came in with an eye injury from a competition and the staff and Doctor were so helpful and friendly I recommend this place to everyone I know looking for a new eye doctor. Thank you for making sure my vision remains strong!
Luis FlLuis Fl
21:33 18 Apr 24
They were awesome from the doctor down to the staff very professional and knowledgeable.would highly recommend this place for your eye care. all around great experience. Definitely recommending to family and friends. Keep up the good work 👍👍👍👍👍 😊😊
Kristine SommersKristine Sommers
18:52 03 Apr 24
Professional staff and timely appointment. Each eye testing exam was explained and completed with care. I highly recommend this office.
Kyle MullinsKyle Mullins
18:36 03 Apr 24
The front desk woman the day of my visit, Kayla I think her name was... just the sweetest person and very helpful. Doctor Luther was as nice as can be too just having me laughing and at ease the whole time
Kim BonczKim Boncz
00:51 29 Mar 24
Always a great experience
Nadine MillheimNadine Millheim
17:50 28 Mar 24
Very thorough and caring staff.
Linda DunmarsLinda Dunmars
20:24 27 Mar 24
George RuppellGeorge Ruppell
23:40 20 Mar 24
Katherine JacksonKatherine Jackson
22:39 20 Mar 24
I first went in to see Dr. Luther at Gulf Coast in Pinellas with irritation caused by contacts (which was less than 30mins after I called concerned) and in that first visit, I learned more about proper eye care & health than I have in my 20 years of seeing eye doctors annually (and sometimes more frequently than that). Dr Luther took the time to explain the eye, broke things down with hands on demonstrations to make sure I understood. She gave several recommendations while being financially conscious. She & gulf coast are 100% the first people to take me and my eye care seriously. I’ve always been interested in vision correction, but in the past doctors brushed it off and briefly mentioned dry eyes, infections, frequent switching of contact brands w/o explanation, etc, so I didn’t know if it was really an option for me. The Pinellas location, st Pete, and north Pinellas clinic were all SO FRIENDLY and took their time with me (even with my disproportionate anxiety during the ICL procedure they were so sweet and talked me through it). I’m now 6 months past the procedure & Dr. Luther still takes her time to validate and listen to all of my minor questions/concerns. For the first time in my life, I can see without hockey puck sized lens and/or contacts. I went from -5.50 to better than 20/20 vision. It’s truly been a life changing experience and I have so much gratitude for this practice and Dr Luther! I will always recommend her to everyone I know!
Giannina AmaroGiannina Amaro
15:22 18 Mar 24
Always excellent!
Magda RamírezMagda Ramírez
23:56 13 Mar 24
Excellent service from all, my doctor is awesome
Mike HassonMike Hasson
12:16 28 Feb 24
connie hurleyconnie hurley
00:56 28 Feb 24
Everyone was super professional Dr. Luther‘s demeanor was excellent Corrine who sold me the eyeglasses was awesome
Frank PingatoreFrank Pingatore
23:01 27 Feb 24
We were on vacation in Florida and I had return my cornea prior to leaving Michigan. The drive down was miserable and shortly after getting to our vacation spot I started looking for some help w the. Pain and other issues associated w the injured eye. I was able to see Dr Luther on the 2/18, 2/20, and again on 2/22 just before our departure. The Pinellas Park office got me in quickly and we made progress quickly as well. They saved my vacation from being sacked by a huge inconvenience. Thank you very much and a tip of the hat to Dr. Luther. Very impressed.
Bert SwainBert Swain
19:31 16 Feb 24
Linda HackettLinda Hackett
22:36 11 Feb 24
23:56 29 Jan 24
Anna CozzeAnna Cozze
19:29 29 Jan 24
Smsm videosSmsm videos
18:18 29 Jan 24
Very bad service from front desk to the Dr. rude from beginning to the end.
Mallory MaslarMallory Maslar
18:23 19 Jan 24
Mark RodriguezMark Rodriguez
18:22 19 Jan 24
Great office staff and really like Dr. Luther.
mary Karouzmary Karouz
17:21 18 Jan 24
Very pleased with the doctor and all the staff
Bill ThillBill Thill
20:56 16 Jan 24
Laura LuuLaura Luu
00:33 15 Dec 23
I’ve been a patient at this office for a little over 3 years now. When I received my eye exam everything was fine, but the real trouble was when I had to order my contacts. Initially, a gentleman named Jim helped me. Since I am on a busy schedule as a college student, I did not order my contacts right away so I waited. When I came back to this office to order my contacts, they told me I had to get another consultation because it had passed the 3 month mark since I had my exam. The policy for EVERY single optical office with a valid prescription is a YEAR. With this news, I called my insurance and turns out this policy was strange and they were able to report it so it does not affect other customers. One of the office’s associates who work in the eyeglass and contact department was very rude and unhelpful when it came to ordering my contacts. Her name is Corinne, and not only did she never pick up the phone, but lied about leaving voicemails about my order being ready, when she clearly did not call me at all. She lied and stated she called me on 11/21/2023, but I called her on 11/28/2023 asking if my contacts have arrived yet, she answered with an attitude and said “if they have, wouldn’t I have called you already?” Anyways, I wouldn’t come back to this office because of “new policies” and I’d request for help from a gentleman named Jim when ordering contacts and glasses.
Randy DRandy D
21:35 01 Dec 23
Ann HendersonAnn Henderson
21:04 01 Dec 23
Gulfcoast eye care is the best! Dr. Manning and Dr. Luther are great. I feel like my eyes are in good hands at Gulfcoast.
Earnie PayneEarnie Payne
21:00 01 Dec 23
The entire staff is professional and courteous. Dr. Luther is great. She is thorough and shows a real concern for her patients. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Frank StecFrank Stec
20:52 01 Dec 23
Everything went well. Staff is professional and polite.
20:51 01 Dec 23
Toni FordToni Ford
16:10 30 Nov 23
Dean MillhouseDean Millhouse
01:43 11 Nov 23
Fantastic all around! Tremendous experience in every respect. Planning RLE to stop need for progressive glasses for rest of my life. Scheduling was easy and price was better than others.Office visit with numerous tests was very efficient and Informative. Dr Luther communicated clearly and instilled confidence that everything checked out good and this is the place to correct my vision permanently. Tests showed no issue with retina even though I had retinal detachment years ago.Miranda (freaking amazing personality) helped schedule surgery and plan the big day.Will update when my eyes are fixed in time for Christmas!
Debra FeslDebra Fesl
00:11 07 Nov 23
I recently saw Dr. Luther for my yearly eye exam. She is wonderful, always listens to my concerns and always very kind. Dr. Luther is very professional and always a delight to see! Office staff is always courteous and helpful.
Allan GordonAllan Gordon
01:20 26 Oct 23
I was seen without an appointment because I felt that foreign material had gotten into my left eye and although I had flushed it, some was still there. Dr. Luther examined both eyes thoroughly. She was able to do this without making me at all uncomfortabl and she was very nice. I had gotten the material out, but the eye had abrasions. Dr. Luther prescribed eye drops to help heal my eye and prevent infection.I felt absolutely comfortable and confident in her care. I have also been a patient of Dr. Manning and Dr. Liffland at Gulf Coast Eye and found them to be equally skilled and pleasant.
Douglas ConstantDouglas Constant
21:11 19 Oct 23
It was a very good. I had a great experience. Thank you!
Suzanne RogersSuzanne Rogers
01:15 14 Oct 23
Appointment time right on point no waiting. Super friendly and professional staff clean environment and professional eye Doctor.
Lois TaylorLois Taylor
16:17 12 Oct 23
I really like Dr. Luther. She explains everything in lamens terms so that is easy to understand. Dr. Luther takes her time with you and you never feel that your appt is rushed. You never feel that your problem shouldn't be addressed.
Dave MinottiDave Minotti
16:56 04 Oct 23
Always well taken care of at Gulf Coast. The facility is top notch.
Michael FurkovichMichael Furkovich
16:55 04 Oct 23
Excellent care
Brian JeronimusBrian Jeronimus
14:19 28 Sep 23
The personnel at Gulf Coast eye Care show a genuine interest in their patients. I have every confidence they can do the best job for me.
Sushma RughaniSushma Rughani
02:36 28 Sep 23
Miguel RiveraMiguel Rivera
21:25 27 Sep 23
Valerie MahrValerie Mahr
17:58 27 Sep 23
Very pleasant staff and Doctor Luther was awesome.
17:54 25 Sep 23
Dr Luther is an exceptional physician; knowledgeable, professional and innovative, yet kind as well. I highly recommend her.
Jimmy PostJimmy Post
13:20 22 Sep 23
Jose MarroquinJose Marroquin
00:07 22 Sep 23
Everyone is friendly the doctor is the best will recommend Gulfcost Eye Care 100/ precent
Al TothAl Toth
23:53 21 Sep 23
my most recent visit was due to what felt like a foreign object (like an eyelash) that was severely irritating my eye. On the first visit Dr Luther couldn’t see anything other than an irritating buildup on the inside of my eyelid. She prescribed eye drops that I used and had me return after 2 days. Since I still had the irritation, she did another thorough investigation. She did remove a small foreign object and then preformed a thorough rinsing of my eye. After that treatment, my eye felt so much better. I’m so thankful that she took the time to make sure that my problem was resolved quickly.
Jeff KelbyJeff Kelby
23:34 21 Sep 23
Doctor Luther has been very helpful and informational. And, shows real concern for my well being.
Vittoria WheatonVittoria Wheaton
23:29 21 Sep 23
Amazing service! I am glad I went there as well
Lynn LanioLynn Lanio
17:32 11 Sep 23
Steve ColemanSteve Coleman
14:54 11 Sep 23
Awesome place to go, great doctors, Great staff And I have great eyes.
14:45 11 Sep 23
Excellent care
Lorri BeauchampLorri Beauchamp
17:04 08 Sep 23
I have been trying to get the right perscription for my eyes for the last 5 years! I have been a regular patient at Bascom Palmer, been seen at a local practice, and a large chain. None of then were able to get my rx correct and only blamed dry eye. I (reluctantly) went to Dr Luther at Gulfcoast Eyecare. I was skeptical. Why bother after so many disaapointments? Well, omg. I can see! Victor found my perfect Rx the first try and Dr Luther gave me so many different dry eye options. The dr's, techs, admin, and eyewear associates were all incredibly kind. I can finally see near perfectly since 2017. This is my place!
eddie gugliottaeddie gugliotta
23:45 23 Aug 23
Great staff.
Jeanine ErgleJeanine Ergle
22:35 23 Aug 23
The entire team is always professional, courteous and caring. They consistently exceed my expectations in providing outstanding eye care for both my husband and myself.
John KocisJohn Kocis
21:51 23 Aug 23
Great staff who made you feel at home, and listened to what you had to say.
Ralph HoldrenRalph Holdren
21:48 23 Aug 23
Gulf Coast Eye Care -Pinellas has the best doctors and the best technicians. I felt no pain And I can see better now than I did before I got the cataracts.If you're going to Gulf Coast Eye care you're in the Best Hands
Kenneth PerryKenneth Perry
21:43 23 Aug 23
All the staff members are incredibly nice very caring and the doctor is outstanding listens to every word you say I can't think of any other eye doctor that I would think about going to highly recommend them.
S. C.S. C.
14:18 16 Aug 23
The Doctors are excellent. I highly recommend them.It is difficult to get the office staff to communicate with you. Typically requires multiple calls just to get basic info.Billing department also created a fiasco for me over $10.00, after previously refunding me too much money. This should have been written off as their mistake, rather than being put on me to handle.
Lori SandbachLori Sandbach
16:11 03 Aug 23
Very professional and responsive staff. Eye treatment and care is excellent.
Patty GuerinPatty Guerin
15:44 03 Aug 23
Carmen RojasCarmen Rojas
16:57 02 Aug 23
From the moment you walk in. The team and doctors are great and caring professionals. It’s a beautiful office and the waiting time is minimal. If you should call back to ask for anything they respond quickly and attentively. I recommend Gulfcoast Eye Care wholeheartedly!
Jerome MiliszkiewiczJerome Miliszkiewicz
18:03 29 Jul 23
Professional and courteous staff.Excellent serviceThanks
Dianne MartinDianne Martin
13:31 28 Jul 23
Very poor customer service and very poor quality glasses. Horrible experience I had with them this morning. I ended up canceling the appointment because of such poor customer service.
Darryl MosherDarryl Mosher
17:32 24 Jul 23
I was a new patient due to a trauma to my eye they got me in same day. It was overall a great experience staff was great and Dr.Luther was awsome and very informative in the recovery of my eye.
Dorothy CrosseDorothy Crosse
13:34 24 Jul 23
Doctor Luther and her staff are first rate. She explains everything very clearly and provides a very thorough exam. Wonderful doctor. I highly recommend her.
Helen HarveyHelen Harvey
13:28 24 Jul 23
I saw Dr. Lydia Lupher, who was very personable and knowledgeable. She immediately identified the problems I was having with my eye, and suggested a course of action. They don't do that specific surgery there tho she suggested a number of doctors who do. I would highly recommend her and I have to several people looking for a new opthamologist.
Kayla GrahamKayla Graham
13:10 24 Jul 23
Dr. Luther is amazing! She is so sweet and truly cares about her patients. I felt so comfortable with her on my first visit, and felt like she truly listened to all my concerns unlike most doctors. Highly recommend!
17:14 25 May 23
Always a pleasure to go to this office, everyone is friendly and helpful. Dr. Luther is very good, she explains everything about the health of your eyes and takes the time to listen to your questions. You never feel rushed.
Brian AndrewsBrian Andrews
23:45 12 Mar 23
Great experience, wonderful care! Cataract surgery went as planned and without issues. Options were thoroughly covered which allowed for informed decisions. Followup was more than adequate! Could not ask for better care! Highly recommended!
kristine groverkristine grover
15:43 17 Feb 23
From beginning to end all employees and Dr. Luther were so professional and treated you like a good friend would. I would definitely recommend Gulfcoast eye care, and that's coming from someone who worked in the health care industry.
Barbara GirardBarbara Girard
14:11 17 Feb 23
Everyone in the office was friendly and professional. I liked the Dr very much and felt very comfortable discussing my vision issues with her. Gulfcoast will definitely be my eye care team for future visits and I’ve already made an eye appointment there for my husband.
Mark MooreMark Moore
18:27 03 Dec 22
Had a cataract in my eye and they did a wonderful job. Listened to my concerns and answered every question I had. The nurses and other office people were very nice and the surgery was a breeze. Would definitely recommend them to anyone with eye issues.
Cathy LopezCathy Lopez
19:57 23 Nov 22
About a year ago, I had SMILE surgery at a clinic in Orlando. It was a not so great experience. I was left with some horrible dry eye and astigmatism in my left eye. Since I moved to St Pete, I have been coming to Gulf coast Eye Care for help with my dry eye symptoms. Dr. Luther has been SO amazing and helpful. She is so sympathetic and really takes the time to help me find solutions to make sure my symptoms are taken care of. She listens really intently to all of my concerns and is just really caring and great. I would definitely recommend Gulf coast Eye Care to everyone. The quality of care here is fantastic!
Ferita KarabutFerita Karabut
14:04 04 May 24
The best service and doctors that very professional, I recommend this office for you.I have cataract surgery and I received everything from doctors on timely.I appreciate all of people that help me. Thanks a lot
Art WrightArt Wright
17:25 03 May 24
The Staff and Doctors are always professional and treat me with respect.They explained everything things to me in a way that was easy to understand.
Mary NarmoreMary Narmore
22:25 26 Apr 24
I had a stellar experience and a great outcome with my eyelid lift! Dr. Knapper and Team are awesome! Highly recommend!! Dr. Manning did both of my cataract surgeries and because of the great experience I had with him, I came back. Dr. Nguyen has seen me several times and finally, after going other places, fitted me with glasses that I purchased at the optic center there… best glassed I have had in years! Every single person that I met there was personable, helpful, and compassionate! In my opinion, they truly are five star care providers!
Sara CucinottaSara Cucinotta
13:46 23 Apr 24
So far, so good. Doctors and staff are experienced, helpful, and exceptionally nice.
Francie MartinFrancie Martin
19:53 18 Apr 24
Mike HippeardMike Hippeard
14:51 17 Apr 24
Pamela AmantePamela Amante
00:16 13 Apr 24
Anita PattonAnita Patton
12:03 04 Apr 24
This is my 2nd visit. Both times I've had nothing, but the utmost quality customer service. The ladies at the front desk are always pleasant and courtesy. But my favorite is Katya. I don't believe I spelled her name correctly, but she handles the contact lens and has always been a pleasant to work with. She's super patient and kind. I've made St. Pete my home and they were apart of that.Dr. Nguyen should perhaps work on his bedside manner. He wasn't rude, but he was disconnected and I felt rushed and as if he was having a bad day. I felt this way the first time a visited as well.
Guadalupe OwenGuadalupe Owen
06:52 04 Apr 24
I am always satisfied with Dr. Dr Nguyen expertise and care and all of the staff at Gulfcoast Eye Care
Rick TremmelRick Tremmel
00:58 04 Apr 24
Donna WaskoDonna Wasko
00:00 04 Apr 24
All was fine, staff is great
Valerie NorwidValerie Norwid
14:08 30 Mar 24
Everything has been treated with excellence and kindness. All doctors and assistants are so nice and wait time is minimal.
Suzette MikitaSuzette Mikita
23:03 27 Mar 24
Great office. Friendly and helpful. Clean and knowledgeable
Brian ConwellBrian Conwell
13:07 24 Mar 24
I appreciate the on-going help of Dr. Nguyen. Most likely going to call and talk with regards to ordering contact lenses within the next few days. Hope to see you all soon!
Valerie NorwidValerie Norwid
17:22 28 Feb 24
Jaroslav DobesJaroslav Dobes
23:00 26 Feb 24
Lyn PiersonLyn Pierson
20:47 26 Feb 24
Phyllis BattiePhyllis Battie
12:40 13 Feb 24
ava milesava miles
17:22 02 Feb 24
Everyone that works at Gulf Coast Eye Care is always so nice and helpful and explains everything to you so you will understand.
Judy WachaJudy Wacha
15:47 29 Jan 24
Warren ThayerWarren Thayer
23:34 26 Jan 24
Courteous and confidence-inspiring staff. Very thorough exam with up-to-date equipment. Really happy I found them! I'll be recommending them highly.
Paul CavalliPaul Cavalli
22:05 18 Jan 24
Always a very nice experience visiting your office. Everyone is polite and professional.
Thomas LewellynThomas Lewellyn
18:47 16 Jan 24
Friendly and knowledgeable staff
Rueda ZarkaRueda Zarka
23:51 03 Jan 24
Douglas PursleyDouglas Pursley
19:42 03 Jan 24
Dr. Chelsey Knapper and her champion partner Apple get my highest praise and respect. (insert standing slow clap here). Will never go anywhere else for my needs. Bravo
Bells CroteauBells Croteau
14:36 21 Dec 23
The tech who worked with me - Apple - was absolutely amazing today. I have severe medical anxiety and this was my first eye exam and she was a delight, she explained everything as it went, took a water break with me when I felt a spike of anxiety, and we chatted as it went. Dr. Nguyen was also wonderful, understanding my medical unease and explaining what he was doing too. He was polite, got straight to the point, and helped out in understanding what would be right for my eyes. Wonderful experience, can't wait for next year. Thanks Gulfcoast Eye Care!
17:02 17 Dec 23
First- Dr. Nguyen Is an optometrist, not an ophthalmologist. Fine, it was a referral from my primary care md. But when seeing a patient with an eye condition (autoimmune uveitis) that can cause blindness, he should know better than to dismiss my issues as allergies. He was rushed, and an assistant even came into the room and stood there awkwardly/rudely just looking at Dr. Nguyen in order to move the appointment along. He spent the time lecturing me about the risks of prednisone drops (which I’m very familiar with, I’ve had this condition for 25 years, and I would be blind by now if I listened to inexperienced clinicians like Dr. Nguyen & didn’t self-treat with prednisone) I have since found an experienced ophthalmologist in network, but I wouldn’t go back to Dr. Nguyen if even if I just needed glasses. This place is just shuffling people through to maximize profit, and Dr. Nguyen is too young & arrogant to know what is outside the scope of his expertise, or understand the damage he can cause.
Gayelle AngelottiGayelle Angelotti
15:49 13 Dec 23
Was not at all pleased with the level of care received. The tech did all the work and only saw the Dr. for maybe like 2 minutes. I took my prescription to get my eyeglasses at a local mall and I couldn’t even see out of them once I got them. So something went wrong somewhere? What happened to when the Doctor actually did the exam? I trust in these people to help fix me and now I have to rethink that! I understand that these professionals are busy and see a lot of patients throughout the day, but aren’t we all.
Joel KurtzJoel Kurtz
22:24 03 Dec 23
All well thx
Tiffany ForehandTiffany Forehand
00:59 02 Dec 23
Marjorie WyszynskiMarjorie Wyszynski
22:12 01 Dec 23
Dr Njuyen and Apple are so thorough and thoughtful.
Maria ArreguinMaria Arreguin
21:13 01 Dec 23
I always have a great experience but today it was extra special all thanks to Angelo. He was very nice and polite. Thank you
Marcos SantiagoMarcos Santiago
21:11 01 Dec 23
Staff was amazing
Deborah WidenDeborah Widen
22:35 13 Nov 23
Very thorough eye exam. Answered all questions Friendly and helpful staff.
Rachel StaggersRachel Staggers
21:53 09 Nov 23
Very friendly light hearted atmosphere .Everyone seemed to enjoy their job and were professional and and knowledgeable.
Michael D WatkinsMichael D Watkins
21:52 09 Nov 23
Friendly. Quick
Richard MoranRichard Moran
21:08 09 Nov 23
Brad HirvelaBrad Hirvela
20:24 09 Nov 23
Thank you Dr Nguyen and all the kind and intelligent staff at your office. You are all the best.
Kitty BurkeKitty Burke
20:09 09 Nov 23
Ellen ZadoffEllen Zadoff
15:50 08 Nov 23
Love the people that work here but the doctors leave a lot to be desired. Quick in and out. Little explanation of options. I finally spoke to Dr Manning who seemed nice. He took the time to explain all my options for dry eye . Then called in a script for me. When I went to pick it up the next day found out he’d cancelled it.There are much better docs around.
Edith ChristiansenEdith Christiansen
15:02 06 Nov 23
Excellent care like always
tere brugaltere brugal
14:04 06 Nov 23
All staff were so professional yet welcoming. Felt very comfortable.
David laurayneDavid laurayne
13:51 06 Nov 23
Courteous, detail oriented. Knowledgeable.
rhoni fletcherrhoni fletcher
13:03 20 Oct 23
Dr. Nguyen provided active listening and recommendations to resolve issues.
Aida GonzalezAida Gonzalez
16:02 19 Oct 23
This is the second time at Gulfcoast Eye Care. Took my mom for her eyes needs. From the eye Dr. to the staff, everyone is awsome. Never waited long to be seen. Everyone very professional, and polite. At the same time, eveyone has been very approachable, and super friendly. The facility is always impecable too.
Zhang DaweiZhang Dawei
14:46 11 Oct 23
Very good
Lee GreenLee Green
19:51 04 Oct 23
All went well. Very pleased.
Bob StultsBob Stults
15:25 03 Oct 23
Gulfcoast Eye Care has been performing my regular checkups for several years. I believe that they provide high quality care with uptodate technology, have found that they keep to the scheduled time of appointments, and provide welcome tree-shaded (natural) parking. One criticism: I feel that the ophthalmologist does not communicate well; he gives short, pronouncements, does not provide explanation of what he is doing/finding while examining, and responds to my questions with perfunctory answers. I feel that he is completely competent and that he gives his full attention, and do not plan to change ophthalmologist, but would prefer better communication.
Mary ChanielMary Chaniel
14:03 27 Sep 23
David AngelottiDavid Angelotti
21:46 22 Sep 23
Gulf Coast Eye Care is a perfect example of how a professional office should operate. I have been to many doctors offices, but none as great as this one.From the receptionist and assistants to the the doctors, everyone in the office is so professional and helpful. Dr Nguyen and Dr Manning are amazing. They were so thorough and explained in detail the examination and what my options were and what the procedures entailed.After my procedure, my vision has greatly improved and I am very satisfied.I will recommend Gulf Coast Eye Care to my family and friends
Sara GaligerSara Galiger
19:38 22 Sep 23
Michael MarsonekMichael Marsonek
19:24 22 Sep 23
Very nice facility. Staff cares about the patients. Drs. Are very knowledgeable and treat every patient with the best care available.
Rick CallRick Call
14:57 21 Sep 23
Always very professional and personable. The appointments are well organized, their equipment state of the art and thorough. Expect to spend about an hour from start to finish.
Bob FerlandBob Ferland
14:56 21 Sep 23
Very thorough exam and very efficient process with very little waiting.Highly recommend!
Rick GillRick Gill
19:33 20 Sep 23
Very efficient and friendly.
Zhang DaweiZhang Dawei
18:13 11 Sep 23
Bruce StaffordBruce Stafford
16:36 01 Sep 23
Very friendly and professional
Judy FreitasJudy Freitas
15:50 26 Aug 23
Everyone was helpful and explained what was going to happen as we progressed.
P MagersP Magers
15:59 25 Aug 23
Gulfcoast Eye Care located at 1515 9th Ave. N. St. Petersburg has been a great experience for my eyecare. Dr. Nguyen and his staff are professional and caring people. Happy to be a patient with them. Need your eyes taken care of go see this facility. GulfCoast Eye Care has 3 facilities in the area.
Margarita SorahMargarita Sorah
13:36 25 Aug 23
Very friendly and attentive staff.
22:05 23 Aug 23
My appointment was handled very efficiently and promptly. My eyes were thoroughly checked and scanned and I felt the results were very accurate
Heather AlbrightHeather Albright
21:49 23 Aug 23
Recently I had my check up for family history of glaucoma. This is recommended twice yearly .Doc Nguyen is so easy to work with in every way . Attention to details , helpful , such a good listener , very professional. I’m one to ask for details & he answers all my questions & concerns every visit .Very appreciative of the Gulfcoast Eye care staff as well
Bruce TurleyBruce Turley
21:17 23 Aug 23
Great care! I am happy to have been referred to this eye care!
Tex SmithTex Smith
20:18 23 Aug 23
They are always thoughtful and caring. They take time to answer any question that I might have.
Michelle MaMichelle Ma
16:35 23 Aug 23
Excellent!!! ❤️❤️❤️
13:13 31 Jul 23
Great staff along with great doctors.
Beth WatersBeth Waters
21:58 29 Jul 23
My doctor and I occasionally get on a different wavelength but we always come together. They always look for the best possible care for me. I am always grateful when I get Apple as my technician because she is incredibly awesome! She remembers me from year to year and remembers what's going on with me and I appreciate it very much.
Frank AdornatoFrank Adornato
14:52 29 Jul 23
This last visit was very efficient. All of the staff were pleasant and professional and I was in and out in a little over an hour.
Dan BennettDan Bennett
14:08 27 Jul 23
Great service
Eric FayadEric Fayad
13:50 27 Jul 23
Great staff and service. Doctor isn't very friendly or conversational, more robotic but nonetheless he is thorough.
Diana AbnerDiana Abner
19:54 24 Jul 23
Appointment is always in a timely manner . They are friendly and professional. Very nice group
Manuela RodriguezManuela Rodriguez
20:51 10 Jul 23
Absolutely ridiculous place. Charging patients on a fixed income $45 to give them the prescription that the insurance paid for. Sucking older people dry to have access to their results. All because they know that purchasing eye wear online is more affordable. Greedy. Pls dnt go here. They may charge a fee just to tell u “good morning”
William NaabeWilliam Naabe
18:56 25 May 23
Everyone I encountered at Gulfcoast Eye Care was professional, efficient and caring. My new glasses are exactly what I needed. Five stars all around.
Brad FennerBrad Fenner
19:55 12 May 23
The procedure was all I hoped for. The staff was Superb. The results were all I had been promised.The one reason I gave 4 Stars rather than 5 Stars is because I was told that the cost would be $6,000 for both eyes.The Counselor with whom I spoke never mentioned there would be an additional $2,000 for the facility fee where the procedure would be done.Would I have still gone with Gulfcoast Eyecare? Absolutely! Yes!I would simply like to have been told the total cost from the beginning.If I could give 4.5 or 4.75 Stars, I would.
Patty ClarkPatty Clark
00:07 28 Apr 23
Timely, friendly team of staff. Amazing technology to view my eyes. A cool, knowledgeable helpful office.
Mario DeSouzaMario DeSouza
18:15 03 Jan 23
This experience is regarding the Lasik consult only and not the actual procedure. I came here to get another opinion on whether or not I should proceed with Lasik after a major Lasik center, one that advertises constantly, told me that despite the fact that Lasik would be safe and effective for me, I'd likely rue the day I did it due to dry eye (they diagnosed me with a evaporative dry eye after doing some tests) given that my dry eye issues subside when I wear contact lenses (remember this detail). They recommended trying to stay out of glasses for a month and seeing how often I use eye drops. Thanks to this advice, I attempted it and it became apparent the answer was every few hours I'd need drops.The staff at this location is professional and friendly. The testing lasts about 2-3 hours. I felt comfortable with the tests and all the staff. I talked to the optometrist, Dr. Nguyen, about my dry eye concerns and he made the passing comment that "adding plastic to your eyes worsens dry eye." This, of course, is the opposite of my experience. I had a flash back to the other center that told me not to consider Lasik if my dry eye was better with contacts (which it is). I let the testing continue and, as I'd been told previously, safe and effective. Dr. Nguyen did offer caution that my ability to see up close may potentially worsen post-Lasik (granted, it does in everyone eventually) and that there's a scar in my eye that may impact the type of procedure that can be done.After consulting with a few ophthalmologist friends, I decided against proceeding. As much as I want Lasik, the thought of putting drops in every hour or two is not an exchange I'd want to make. Per their paperwork, this place does charge you a fee for the testing if you decide not to move forward with the procedure. I'll be calling them soon to pay for the testing.My takeaway from this experience is, if you're considering Lasik, go to at least two centers and listen very, very carefully. My dry eye being better with contacts, being told I'd need to live with constant drops and my near vision worsening necessitating glasses anyway are all reasons I decided not to move forward with the procedure. It took two consults for me to get the complete picture of why Lasik was a bad idea for me. That said, I have friends that didn't have dry eye conditions that did it and absolute love their results.
N. J. PorterN. J. Porter
21:03 20 Dec 22
So impressed! So appreciative that the St. Pete office could fit me in when I was experiencing a severe irritation-then, when I went for my follow up appt., I had the pleasure of working with Angelo! He took such great care of me, addressed all of my concerns, and went several "extra miles"---even determining that my insurance would cover vision/health here, so was able to get MORE done! There is such a feeling of relief, knowing I can come to THIS office and get all my vision and eye health needs taken care of, with accuracy, professionalism, and great good humor. Cannot recommend them highly enough!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I want to acknowledge more people you will encounter in this business-Brianna, with her ability to do so many things, Emma and her welcoming smile, Victor💪, Lindsey who will make everything work, Dr. Nguyen, and the awesome Dr. Manning! I know there are some I'm leaving out, Soo sorry, but EVERYONE is really great here!.This has been an excellent experience!💛💛💛💛💛
Laura WissLaura Wiss
15:11 24 Oct 22
I had multi focal refractive lens exchange last week. The staff was so professional and helpful, keeping me informed throughout the whole procedure. They were patient about answering my questions. The whole thing was very smooth from beginning to end. I have my 1 week follow up this week, and not experiencing any issues. I went to the dollar store and picked up some readers while I wait for the swelling to subside, however, I am finding that I don't really need them so much as I did the first 2 days. I never did get that scratchy feeling they mentioned MAY happen. I also don't see halos around lights, that is also a side effect. Very happy with procedure and would def recommend it!!!
Lucy CLucy C
00:45 22 Sep 22
This was a beautiful office. Apple, was very efficient she brought me back went over health history and explained everything she would be doing prior to seeing Dr. Nguyen. I got my eyes dialated and Dr. Nguyen came in did my eye exam answered a few questions I had and out the door I went. Staff were all very nice.
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