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You should never have to compromise on seeing clearly. At Gulfcoast Eye Care, we offer high-quality eye care and procedures, using the latest medical technology to deliver a personalized, comfortable, boutique patient experience.

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We are pleased to provide a full spectrum of vision care services to our communities. From advanced LASIK vision correction and cataract surgery to our standout eye exams and glasses, we can ensure that you’ll receive treatment and eyewear that fits your unique eyes, vision, and lifestyle. Let our experienced ophthalmologists and optometrists give you the individualized attention and industry-leading experience you deserve!

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Our eye doctors and staff have been providing expert care with a personal touch to the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg areas for over 40 years. We’re dedicated to helping patients and their families overcome eye conditions and significantly improve their vision. We can’t wait to get to know you — and you can start getting to know us below:



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Glaucoma & Retinal Conditions

Glaucoma and Retinal Conditions



This common eye condition can cause irreversible vision loss if left untreated, and often begins to damage vision before it has noticeable symptoms. Our glaucoma specialists can diagnose the issue early and offer a variety of non-surgical treatment options, as well as glaucoma surgeries.

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Glaucoma and Retinal Conditions



Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) can cause severe vision loss for patients over 60. Our eye doctors can diagnose and evaluate macular degeneration early in its progression in order to develop a personalized treatment plan.

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Glaucoma and Retinal Conditions



Patients with diabetes are at risk for particular types of vision damage, such as non-proliferative or proliferative diabetic retinopathy. The specialists at Gulfcoast Eye Care can diagnose and help manage diabetic eye diseases.

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Patient Reviews

Reviews and Ratings from Real Patients

Megan RobinsonMegan Robinson
14:42 28 Apr 23
Dr. Liffland is the best. I don’t say that lightly. I trust her completely, and am lucky to be her patient. She is straightforward, but kind. Very knowledgeable, but capable of explaining things in a way that can be easily understood. Beyond the doctor, I have been treated great by all other staff. Everyone is kind, approachable, and incredibly accommodating. I recommend this office to everyone I know.
Janice SiegelJanice Siegel
17:42 18 Feb 23
Dr Liffland is a brilliant, caring physician. She is responsible for saving my eyesight. Her ability with the collaboration of her well trained staff have kept my vision at its maximum accuracy. I will never see anyone else.Jan Siegel, RDH, MDH.
Colin PoveyColin Povey
11:39 28 Oct 22
Excellent eye physicians office. Fast, efficient care.Dr. Manning replaced the cataracts in both of my eyes, and my vision, at distance, is now 20/20, in short, perfect.
Barbara RunkleBarbara Runkle
18:18 26 Oct 22
Very good experience scheduling a quick initial appointment following an ER visit, wonderful staff in the Pinellas Park office - transferred my care to the Tampa Road office which I have now made my main vision provider; the staff there is equally friendly and attentive (unlike my previous vision provider in the East Lake area where the staff was quite stiff and unwelcoming, seemed annoyed that someone walked in the door, no weekend answering service in case of emergency - which was what happened to me). No long waits in the waiting room or being left in a room for an extended period of time as there seems to be plenty of staff to attend to each patient. Quite happy I ended up here!
Mike HochwaltMike Hochwalt
20:52 24 Oct 22
I like the personal attention Dr. BRENDA Liffland gives me when monitoring aftercare of cataract surgery and new lenses. It is so nice to have 20/20 vision like when I was a kid with no glasses to wear. Gulfcoast Eye Care treats their clients very well. On procedures and follow ups. DR. Michael Manning makes the procedures very easy. I OPTED FOR Vivity lenses and I am 100% happy that I did.Combined with their Alphaeon health credit card at 0% Apr if paying monthly allows you to see great again without problems.
Brian AndrewsBrian Andrews
23:45 12 Mar 23
Great experience, wonderful care! Cataract surgery went as planned and without issues. Options were thoroughly covered which allowed for informed decisions. Followup was more than adequate! Could not ask for better care! Highly recommended!
kristine groverkristine grover
15:43 17 Feb 23
From beginning to end all employees and Dr. Luther were so professional and treated you like a good friend would. I would definitely recommend Gulfcoast eye care, and that's coming from someone who worked in the health care industry.
Barbara GirardBarbara Girard
14:11 17 Feb 23
Everyone in the office was friendly and professional. I liked the Dr very much and felt very comfortable discussing my vision issues with her. Gulfcoast will definitely be my eye care team for future visits and I’ve already made an eye appointment there for my husband.
Mark MooreMark Moore
18:27 03 Dec 22
Had a cataract in my eye and they did a wonderful job. Listened to my concerns and answered every question I had. The nurses and other office people were very nice and the surgery was a breeze. Would definitely recommend them to anyone with eye issues.
Cathy LopezCathy Lopez
19:57 23 Nov 22
About a year ago, I had SMILE surgery at a clinic in Orlando. It was a not so great experience. I was left with some horrible dry eye and astigmatism in my left eye. Since I moved to St Pete, I have been coming to Gulf coast Eye Care for help with my dry eye symptoms. Dr. Luther has been SO amazing and helpful. She is so sympathetic and really takes the time to help me find solutions to make sure my symptoms are taken care of. She listens really intently to all of my concerns and is just really caring and great. I would definitely recommend Gulf coast Eye Care to everyone. The quality of care here is fantastic!
Patty ClarkPatty Clark
00:07 28 Apr 23
Timely, friendly team of staff. Amazing technology to view my eyes. A cool, knowledgeable helpful office.
Mario DeSouzaMario DeSouza
18:15 03 Jan 23
This experience is regarding the Lasik consult only and not the actual procedure. I came here to get another opinion on whether or not I should proceed with Lasik after a major Lasik center, one that advertises constantly, told me that despite the fact that Lasik would be safe and effective for me, I'd likely rue the day I did it due to dry eye (they diagnosed me with a evaporative dry eye after doing some tests) given that my dry eye issues subside when I wear contact lenses (remember this detail). They recommended trying to stay out of glasses for a month and seeing how often I use eye drops. Thanks to this advice, I attempted it and it became apparent the answer was every few hours I'd need drops.The staff at this location is professional and friendly. The testing lasts about 2-3 hours. I felt comfortable with the tests and all the staff. I talked to the optometrist, Dr. Nguyen, about my dry eye concerns and he made the passing comment that "adding plastic to your eyes worsens dry eye." This, of course, is the opposite of my experience. I had a flash back to the other center that told me not to consider Lasik if my dry eye was better with contacts (which it is). I let the testing continue and, as I'd been told previously, safe and effective. Dr. Nguyen did offer caution that my ability to see up close may potentially worsen post-Lasik (granted, it does in everyone eventually) and that there's a scar in my eye that may impact the type of procedure that can be done.After consulting with a few ophthalmologist friends, I decided against proceeding. As much as I want Lasik, the thought of putting drops in every hour or two is not an exchange I'd want to make. Per their paperwork, this place does charge you a fee for the testing if you decide not to move forward with the procedure. I'll be calling them soon to pay for the testing.My takeaway from this experience is, if you're considering Lasik, go to at least two centers and listen very, very carefully. My dry eye being better with contacts, being told I'd need to live with constant drops and my near vision worsening necessitating glasses anyway are all reasons I decided not to move forward with the procedure. It took two consults for me to get the complete picture of why Lasik was a bad idea for me. That said, I have friends that didn't have dry eye conditions that did it and absolute love their results.
N. J. PorterN. J. Porter
21:03 20 Dec 22
So impressed! So appreciative that the St. Pete office could fit me in when I was experiencing a severe irritation-then, when I went for my follow up appt., I had the pleasure of working with Angelo! He took such great care of me, addressed all of my concerns, and went several "extra miles"---even determining that my insurance would cover vision/health here, so was able to get MORE done! There is such a feeling of relief, knowing I can come to THIS office and get all my vision and eye health needs taken care of, with accuracy, professionalism, and great good humor. Cannot recommend them highly enough!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I want to acknowledge more people you will encounter in this business-Brianna, with her ability to do so many things, Emma and her welcoming smile, Victor💪, Lindsey who will make everything work, Dr. Nguyen, and the awesome Dr. Manning! I know there are some I'm leaving out, Soo sorry, but EVERYONE is really great here!.This has been an excellent experience!💛💛💛💛💛
Laura WissLaura Wiss
15:11 24 Oct 22
I had multi focal refractive lens exchange last week. The staff was so professional and helpful, keeping me informed throughout the whole procedure. They were patient about answering my questions. The whole thing was very smooth from beginning to end. I have my 1 week follow up this week, and not experiencing any issues. I went to the dollar store and picked up some readers while I wait for the swelling to subside, however, I am finding that I don't really need them so much as I did the first 2 days. I never did get that scratchy feeling they mentioned MAY happen. I also don't see halos around lights, that is also a side effect. Very happy with procedure and would def recommend it!!!
Lucy CLucy C
00:45 22 Sep 22
This was a beautiful office. Apple, was very efficient she brought me back went over health history and explained everything she would be doing prior to seeing Dr. Nguyen. I got my eyes dialated and Dr. Nguyen came in did my eye exam answered a few questions I had and out the door I went. Staff were all very nice.
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