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Ophthalmologist in Pinellas Park, Florida

Our team at Gulfcoast Eye Care has made patient care our top priority for over 40 years. With state-of-the-art medical technology, a truly comprehensive range of eye care services, and personalized care from experienced optometrists and ophthalmologists, we provide exceptional eye care to help you see clearly, no matter the reason for your visit. While your needs may change over the years, the quality of your experience at Gulfcoast Eye Care will not.


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Michael H. Manning, M.D., F.A.C.S., Brenda Liffland, O.D., Thanh Nguyen, O.D. and Lydia Luther, O.D. lead our expert team here at Pinellas Park, and the entire staff looks forward every day to helping patients improve their vision and eye health.

Dr. Manning is one of the premier eye surgeons in the region, well-renowned for both his experience and standard for patient care. He and the rest of our Pinellas Park team can help you understand your eyes’ current state, your vision correction options, and how Gulfcoast Eye Care can restore or improve your eyesight.


Proudly Serving Pinellas Park

We’re proud to serve our neighbors in Pinellas Park, and in Clearwater, Largo, Feather Sound, Gandy, Seminole, Lealman, Indian Shores, Belleair, Kenneth City, Highpoint, and other nearby communities.

Pinellas Park has a thriving culture that’s rooted in appreciation for the past. Whether you’re delving into the impressive collections at the Pinellas Park Public Library, exploring the local automobile culture at the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, or enjoying the many events hosted during the annual Country in the Park festival, we’ll help you see it all clearly with healthy eyes.

Pinellas Park Eye Care Center

Driving Directions

We’re located at 6036 Park Blvd N, Pinellas Park, FL 33781.

If you’re coming from the north, head south on US-19 S, then take the exit toward 49th St N/County Rd 611 S/Pinellas Park. In 400 ft, merge slightly right onto U.S. 19 Frontage Rd. In half a mile, turn slightly right to merge onto 49th St N. In a mile, you’ll pass Parkside Cafe on your right. Continue for another half mile until you see MD Oriental Market on your right, then turn right onto 74th Ave/Park Blvd N. In a mile, turn left onto 60th St, then make an immediate right. We’ll be just ahead on your left.

If you’re coming from the northwest, head south on US-19 ALT S/Seminole Blvd toward Walsingham Rd. Once you pass Treasure Island Fun Center on your right, continue for another 0.3 miles, then turn left onto Park Blvd N; you should pass Trip’s Diner on your left just after you make the turn. Continue for just over 4 miles, then you’ll see a sign for us on your right. Turn right into that lot, then right again, and we’ll be just on your left.


Eye Exam Procedure at Gulfcoast Eyecare Pinellas Park FL

Pinellas Park Eye Exams, Eyewear, and Evaluations

Eye exams are the starting point for all our care, from vision-corrections surgeries to ongoing eye health management. With our advanced medical technology, we’re able to screen for eye diseases, monitor changes in your eye health, and generate the most precise vision prescription possible. We offer eyewear such as glasses and contacts for vision correction, but you may be more interested in permanent vision solutions. If that’s the case, we can get you scheduled for an Eye Analysis to determine whether LASIK or one its modern alternatives would be most appropriate for your eyes.

Eye Exam Procedure at Gulfcoast Eyecare Pinellas Park FL
LASIK Treatment in Pinellas Park
LASIK Treatment in Pinellas Park

Refractive Surgery in Pinellas Park

Every year, millions of people choose LASIK to reduce or eliminate their dependence on eyewear. We’ve set out to be one of the best LASIK providers by providing our personal, familiar brand of care throughout the entire process. Our highly-experienced LASIK team uses cutting-edge, all-laser LASIK technology to make this procedure as safe and beneficial to your vision as possible. We also offer hassle-free financing options to make sure vision correction is affordable for every patient.

Our Pinellas Park ophthalmologists can walk you through how LASIK or one of its alternatives — such as SMILE, PRK, RLE, or EVO ICL — can improve your vision during a comprehensive Eye Analysis.

IOL Options in Pinellas Park

Pinellas Park Cataract Surgery and IOL Options

Cataracts, a condition that causes the eye’s natural lens to become cloudy, worsening vision over time. Cataracts are common in adults starting at around 40 years of age. We provide custom cataract surgery to remove the eye’s clouded natural lens and replace it with one of our many artificial intraocular lens (IOL) options. IOLs restore vision, and may even improve your vision after surgery.

During a cataract surgery consultation, one of our ophthalmologists in Pinellas Park can help you decide if cataract surgery is the next step for you. If so, we’ll explain the IOL options available to you and the benefits of each.


IOL Options in Pinellas Park

Medical Eye Care and Eye Disease Management

Eye exams aren’t just for glasses prescriptions; they’re how we detect and manage a variety of eye diseases long before they affect your eyesight. We use a variety of different treatments for conditions like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and retinal issues. We can also provide timely care in the event of an eye care emergency, including painful changes in vision and eye injuries.

One of the most common conditions we treat is dry eye syndrome. staff in Pinellas Park offers at-home and in-office treatments to alleviate symptoms of dry eye and address its underlying causes.

Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Options

Plastic surgery can completely revitalize your look, but you might be surprised to hear that it’s often necessary to restore vision. Eyelids and the muscles controlling them age, and are susceptible to sagging, turning inwards or outwards, or responding less over time. These issues can obstruct your vision and make you look less youthful and alert.

We can evaluate you for several oculofacial plastic surgery options here at Pinellas Park, such as blepharoplasty, to lift your eyelids and restore their natural function.



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