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How Long is Recovery from Cataract Surgery?

zIt may surprise you to know that recovery from cataract surgery is often a fairly quick process. Here is Dr. Michael Manning with some helpful information on what can be expected during recovery from advanced cataract surgery:

What type of aftercare is required for patients during recovery from cataract surgery?

After cataract surgery, care is required to help ensure the best possible outcome. Post-operative eye drops are recommended to prevent rare problems such as infection, as well as to modify the eye’s normal inflammatory healing response in order to speed recovery. Post-operative examinations are also important for us to be able to assess and ensure that the eye is healing normally.

Is there anything in particular patients should watch out for that may be an issue during recovery?

The two primary concerns that patients should watch out for, particularly during the first week of recovery, are symptoms like worsening of vision or development of worsening eye pain as these can be signs of rare problems such as a post-operative infection.

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On average, how long is the downtime after cataract surgery?

Downtime after cataract surgery is minimal. We find that most patients resume the majority of normal activities within one week, and oftentimes even within one day of surgery. Restrictions include avoidance of touching or rubbing one’s eye for a minimum of one week. To help decrease the chance of this, eye protection with an eye shield is recommended anytime a patient is sleeping during the first week after surgery. Swimming should be avoided for two weeks. Strenuous activities and activities that pose a risk of injury to the eye, such as contact sports, are to be avoided for one week.

It is important for patients to know that no two people – or even two eyes within the same person – always heal the same way. One’s healing time can be impacted by how well a patient complies with the post-operative care instructions and can also be impacted by their general health and the health of their eyes. For example, medical conditions such as diabetes may slow one’s healing time following surgery.

Fortunately, we care for patients with a wide range of health issues and are focused on customizing the care to the particular patient.

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