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Tampa Bay Ophthalmologist Discusses the Signs of a Cataract and the Exciting New Technology offered at Gulfcoast Eye Care

Posted December 19, 2013

Dr. Manning from Gulfcoast Eye Care was a guest on WFLA’s TV program Daytime where he discussed the signs of a cataract, and the exciting new advancements in cataract surgery, including Laser Cataract Surgery! To learn more about Laser Cataract Surgery or to schedule your cataract exam contact our office today.

Dr. Manning Answers Questions About Routine Check Ups for Eye Health

Posted December 17, 2013

Our experienced LASIK and cataract surgeon Dr. Michael Manning recently sat down with us to answer common questions regarding routine eye care. He explains how regular eye exams are an important part of maintaining good eye health. Depending on your age and whether you have other medical conditions, Dr. Manning offers detailed information, as to…

Florida Ophthalmologist Breaks Down The Benefits Of Routine Eye Exams

Posted November 22, 2013

Dr. Michael H. Manning of Gulfcoast Eye Care believes that routine eye exams are a vital component for maintaining healthy eyes, regardless of age. Palm Harbor, FL – Dr. Michael H. Manning heads a comprehensive ophthalmology practice that offers procedures ranging from LASIK and cataract surgery to aesthetic treatments designed to rejuvenate the areas around…

Tampa Bay Ophthalmologist Offering Advanced Technology for Multiple Services

Posted October 10, 2013

Dr. Michael Manning addresses the variety of specialty treatments and procedures offered at Gulfcoast Eye Care. For more information, or to schedule an eye exam or consultation please contact our office.

Dr. Manning Discusses Lipiflow Dry Eye Treatment on WFLA’s Daytime

Posted October 8, 2013

Dr. Manning was a guest on WFLA’s TV program Daytime where he discussed LipiFlow, a breakthrough treatment for dry eye syndrome. To learn more about this procedure and to see if LipiFlow is right for you contact our office today.

Tampa Bay Ophthalmologist Performs Eyelid Surgery To Enhance Both Function And Appearance of the Eye

Posted May 8, 2013

Dr. Manning of Gulfcoast Eye Care performs both cosmetic and functional blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to restore impaired vision and rejuvenate the eye area of his patients, yielding improved eyesight and a more youthful appearance. Tampa Bay, FL – Dr. Michael Manning, a Tampa Bay LASIK surgeon and ophthalmologist, offers eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) at Gulfcoast Eye…

Tampa Bay Eye Surgeon Announces Partnership with Suncoast Eye Clinic

Posted March 21, 2013

Dr. Michael Manning has announced a partnership with Suncoast Eye Clinic to allow the St. Petersburg practice to once again offer a full range of procedures, including laser cataract surgery. Tampa Bay, FL — Gulfcoast Eye Care is the vision correction and ophthalmology practice of Dr. Michael Manning, and specializes in the full spectrum of…

Tampa Bay Cataract Surgeon Runs New Years Lasik Promotion

Posted February 14, 2013

Dr. Michael Manning offers a discount on LASIK procedures with financing options to assist patients in their self-improvement endeavors for the New Year. Tampa Bay, FL – Dr. Michael Manning, a LASIK surgeon in Tampa Bay, offers his Florida patients LASIK vision correction surgery to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses….

Tampa Bay Cataract Surgeon On Laser Vs. Traditional Cataract Surgery

Posted January 17, 2013

Dr. Michael Manning compares two cataract surgery techniques offered at his Tampa Bay eye care practice. Tampa, FL – Cataract surgeon Dr. Michael Manning is dedicated to providing his Tampa Bay eye care patients with state-of-the-art treatments and procedures. At Gulfcoast Eye Care, his private practice, he performs a number of eye surgeries including both…

Tampa Bay Cataract Surgeon Incorporates New Intraocular Lens Technology

Posted October 25, 2012

Palm Harbor, FL – Dr. Michael Manning, a cataract surgeon in Tampa Bay, now offers patients a new vision-correction technology known as the enVista™ lens. Created by Bausch + Lomb, the state-of-the-art lens can be implanted in combination with cataract surgery and can provide a significant advantage over traditional intraocular lenses. Dr. Manning is excited…

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