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Tampa Bay Eye Surgeon Announces Partnership with Suncoast Eye Clinic

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Dr. Michael Manning has announced a partnership with Suncoast Eye Clinic to allow the St. Petersburg practice to once again offer a full range of procedures, including laser cataract surgery.

Tampa Bay, FL — Gulfcoast Eye Care is the vision correction and ophthalmology practice of Dr. Michael Manning, and specializes in the full spectrum of eye care procedures, ranging from LASIK to laser cataract surgery. Dr. Manning is announcing a recent partnership with Suncoast Eye Clinic as one of their doctors recently retired from the practice. By teaming up with the St. Petersburg practice, he says the practice will be able to maintain the same spectrum of comprehensive eye care.

At his Tampa Bay eye care practice, Dr. Manning says he constantly pursues the latest technological advancements in ophthalmology because it allows him to provide patients with the most effective procedures. He adds that he is excited to work with the team at Suncoast because the practice is supported by several outstanding ophthalmologists who have demonstrated a long tradition of providing quality eye care in the St. Petersburg area. Additionally, Dr. Manning highlights the importance of Suncoast’s commitment to technology and an individualized approach to patient care, and the fact that this philosophy mirrors his own.

While Dr. Manning will be dedicating time to care for the patients of Suncoast Eye Clinic as he performs procedures such as All-Laser LASIK and laser cataract surgery. He stresses that the partnership will improve the level of care at Gulfcoast Eye Care, as well. With the addition of glaucoma specialist Dr. George Rosanelli, Dr. Manning says his patients will now have another ophthalmic subspecialty available to them. Further, the extensive experience of Drs. Rosenblum, Carrier, and Klein will add to the depth of knowledge available to the practices’ patients.

Ultimately, Dr. Manning says he expects the partnership to benefit the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg community as a whole, as it will allow the surgeons to treat a wider geographic range of patients and improve upon their dedication to excellence in every aspect of eye care: “Not only will this partnership help me grow as an eye surgeon, but my partnering with them will also enable the practice to offer the most advanced eye surgeries available, including traditional and laser cataract surgery, All-Laser LASIK, eyelid surgery – including blepharoplasty – and even other innovative treatments such as LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation Therapy for dry eye.”

About Michael Manning, MD, FACS

Dr. Michael Manning is a board-certified Ophthalmologist offering refractive and cataract surgery procedures, as well as cosmetic eyelid surgery. He earned his medical degree at the University of Southern Florida College of Medicine, and completed his Ophthalmology Residency at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. Dr. Manning is available for interview upon request.

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