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Is Cataract Surgery Right for Me?

Removal of a cataract will generally lead to improved vision. However, other conditions of the eye may affect your visual outcome after surgery. For example, if you have significant glaucoma, macular degeneration, or other eye disease, then you might still have some limitation in your vision owing to these diseases. In order to understand the appropriate timing of surgery and to get a sense of the potential benefits and outcome of surgery, a comprehensive eye examination is required.

Many people delay having cataract surgery until they begin noticing difficulties with their vision. If you are starting to notice vision change or your vision is beginning to interfere with your ability to perform normal daily tasks such as reading or driving, you may be ready to have your cataracts removed. To learn whether Cataract Surgery is right for you, please contact us at Gulfcoast Eye Care to schedule a consultation with our renowned cataract surgeon, Dr. Michael Manning.

Driving Directions

Our doctors proudly offer LASIK surgery and other eye care services to those traveling from nearby communities. For your convenience, we have provided driving directions from the following cities: