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Another LASIK Patient Success Story – Andrea

Take a look at a video interview of Andrea, one of our laser vision correction patients. Andrea works for the Tampa Bay Rays, and recently had LASIK performed in both eyes. You can also read about Andrea’s experience below.

What made you decide to finally have LASIK, and how is your vision getting better so far?

I finally decided to have LASIK because I knew, if your prescription steadies off, it’s recommended to see if that’s something you’re a candidate for. I had little problems with my eyes and I just decided to get those checked out and they asked me if I ever considered it, so I looked into it. It was about time to do it!

Why did you choose Dr. Manning for the procedure?

The Tampa Bay Rays recommended for me to look at a list, and Dr. Manning just happened to be on it… so I came in. People told me to exercise different options, but he seemed very personable and very educated in what he’s doing, so I didn’t need to look any further.

How has your experience been with the staff here at Gulfcoast Eye Care?

Amazing! They are very, very easy to work with, everyone is very personable. If I had a simple question, I was called and I got the right answer I was looking for, and they knew me by name. So, I would definitely recommend it – and I actually have recommended it to people in my office!

How is your vision today?

I am seeing what seems to be 20/20. I woke up this morning and could see everything in my room. I’m loving it so far!

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