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LASIK Patient Success Story – Jerri

lasikJerri is one of our most recent LASIK patients here at Gulfcoast Eye Care. Dr. Manning performed the popular laser vision correction procedure on both of Jerri’s eyes, and she is now able to go about her day without the constant need for glasses or contact lenses to see clearly.

Jerri was kind enough to allow us to interview her about her LASIK experience:

How was your vision getting in the way of your lifestyle, and what made you finally decide to have LASIK?

I was unable to go out on a boat, do my hobbies and activities, and just be able to wake up or watch TV or read without putting in contacts or putting on my glasses.

Why did you choose Dr. Manning and Gulfcoast Eye Care for your LASIK treatment?
I had read about him and he had very good reviews and positive comments, so I went with him!

How has your experience been with the staff, both at the practice and at the surgery center?
Very good bedside manner, very good greeting, and overall a very nice staff.

How are you seeing today?

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